Japan’s Annual Penis Festival This Year (Yes, It’s an Actual Thing) (VIDEO)


When you think of festivals, what comes to mind? Music? Carnivals? Popcorn, soda, and neon glow sticks? Well, you got the stick part right. A festival takes place in Japan every year honoring a steel penis!
People flocked to Kawasaki Japan for the event, an annual festival held every first Sunday in April, celebrating a 17th century tale about a penis that defeats a demon. The Shinto Kanamara Matsuri, or “Festival of the Steel Phallus” is like any other festival: serving candy, and vegetables, decorations and knick knacks–all shaped like a penis.

A parade, where instead of local figures in politics or balloons are displayed, has large phalluses transported down the route. The parade is centered around a phallic shrine, often used by prostitutes to pray against sexually transmitted diseases.
Though the festival, which began in 1977, started out with few party go-ers, it’s become a larger event. Utilizing its theme, they now use the festival to raise funds and awareness for HIV/AIDS.

The original legend which this is based on, tells the the tale of a sharped-toothed demon that hides inside a vagina of a young woman. Two men, due to this demon, were castrated on their wedding nights. Because of her unfortunate vaginal friend, she sought help from a local blacksmith, who created a steel phallus to break the demon’s teeth: thus the reason for the shrine, parade, and festival.

Will you be attending next year?

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