Man Arrested for Breaking In Homes And Tickling People’s Butts

For months, a man known as the “Booty Tickler” had the public clenching their cheeks in fear because of his strange fetish!

The “Booty Tickler,” whose real name is unknown, would break into people’s houses at night and tickle his victims’ anuses as they slept. When the victims would wake, the criminal would flee.

If that wasn’t enough, all of the “Booty Tickler’s” victims were male!

Although the perpetrator was able to avoid police for a while, they finally captured him early last week.

Ironically, the man was believed to be homeless; however, when he was arrested, it was discovered that he was wearing $4,500 worth of “Yeezus” brand clothing!

He’s currently being held without bond in Dallas County.

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