Man Tries To Trade Kidnapped Baby For 15 Big Macs At Arkansas McDonald’s

A three month old baby has been reunited with her parents after being kidnapped by a man at Riverfront Park in Little Rock, Arkansas. There are not many details on how the man acquired the baby at the park. However, it’s what he did with the baby after he kidnapped her that has the community shocked.

According to employees at McDonald’s, a heavyset man, 45 year old Henry Osterman, entered the restaurant on Monday around 2:30 PM with a baby wrapped in a blanket. He seemed a bit nervous, and told the employee at the cash register that he had the munchies as he ordered 15 Big Macs. According to reports, when the cashier gave him his total, he handed over the baby to her. “I look to him and said ‘Whatcu think I’m gonna do with that,’” said Chandra Wilkins head cashier at the Little Rock McDonald’s. “He told me he didn’t have any money but I could take the baby. I said ‘Fool you need to back the f*ck up’. Then that’s when he threw the baby at me, ran behind the cash registers and grabbed every burger on the food warmer. That white man was crazy.”

Two other employees stepped into action and tackled the would be ‘Hamburglar.’ Unfortunately, the size of the man was too much for the employees to take down the kidnapper. That’s when eyewitnesses say a third employee, Todd Williams, clotheslined the man with a broom handle and took him down to the ground. “That was a big dude,” said Williams. “I grabbed the broom, swung at real real hard, and crack that punk in the neck. He fell and hit his head on the floor, knocked him clean out. My aim’s on fleek”

Police searched Osterman’s 1972 cargo van that was parked in the McDonald’s parking lot where they discovered another infant strapped into a car seat, approximately 6 months old. They also recovered several firearms, knives and a neatly displayed collection of baby toys, bottles and other baby related items. They also recovered several roles of duct tape, rope and 20 bottles of Benadryl. Osterman was taken into custody and charged with kidnapping, assault, theft and child endangerment. He is currently being held on an $800 bond.

  • Dan Francis

    And that fat fuck isn’t dead why?

    • Nicole Celli

      Probably because it’s not fucking real.

  • waltergro1

    Only $800 bond ? Seriously for those charges ? He must have kidnapped the judge’s kid… ‘Murica !

    • Nicole Celli

      How does that make sense? If it was the judge’s kid, wouldn’t the bond be way more than that BECAUSE you kidnapped the judge’s child???

      • Kevin

        waltergro1: Where logic goes to die.

  • Lord_Gaga

    Fat Bastard quotes go here…

  • mysticnox

    Wtf? Why does he have a bond at all? He was clearly intending to harm these kids. What the hell is wrong with the law in this country?

    • David

      I’m pretty sure it’s a fake story.

    • Tiffany Champion

      Thats exactly what I was thinking this mfrs bond is crazier than the damn story

    • amp1970

      Its fake

  • Porkins

    Wow wtf is wrong with that guy smh

  • David Kline

    this has to be fake lol enjoyable read though

    • billybobbibb

      Totally fake, they didn’t cite the source, a parody web site.

  • SteamerSteve

    At least he didn’t eat the babies. That $800 bond could buy like 200 Big Macs!

  • Joseph Robert Delaney

    My god… I thought he looked familiar

    • Nicole Celli

      I just got in a huge fight with my gf. And this made me laugh so hard. Your caption plus the pic. Omg. Idk why I’m laughing when I should be crying.

  • Lisa

    800 bond WTF is wrong with that judge and wth did the other baby come from??

  • Dorothy M. Tate

    Whose kids were they ?

    • Nicole Celli

      I think they were your mother’s. No?

      • Dorothy M. Tate

        what a absolutely Brillant comment . did you think of it by yourself. i shouldn’t comment but when a person without 2 brain cells says something that stupid you have to..

        • Kevin

          Your oblivious and unintended comedy is a blessing today. LOL!

  • Dorothy M. Tate


    • Nicole Celli

      Well, he might. IF THE STORY WERE REAL.

  • bobbin

    is this real

    • Nicole Celli

      Absolutely not.

  • Georgia Devine

    800$ bond??????? He is so gross. Thank God the kids are okay and returned to their parents.

  • Cecilia Santos

    $800 bond? Tf..

    • Nicole Celli

      Fake story.

  • Marie

    If It Was A Black Man He Wouldve Gotten Sentenced 5-10 Years. They Probably Would Have Tried To Give Him A $50,000 Bond. Smh Shit Like That Disgust Me

    • Nicole Celli

      People are seriously your kind of retarded? Smh. Shit like that disgusts me.

    • Kevin

      …for being a fictitious character in a fake news story?

      • Nicole Celli

        I think I love you. You and me, we’re a team. The best team on this thread.

        The only team on this thread.

  • Pattrick Lewis

    He did the right thing… something was going to be eaten, and it was either those Big Macs or that baby

  • Joey Ethridge



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