Teacher Gave Students BJ’s & Let them Run a Train On Her in Class

Osceola, AR – Nicole Winberry, a 28-year-old math teacher at Osceola High School, was jailed Thursday after she allegedly had s3x with three students.

According to Arkansas State Police, an investigation was launched after the Arkansas Child Abuse Hotline received a tip alleging that Winberry had engaged in s3xual activities with at least one student.

Since then, three male students, two 17-year-olds and one 18-year-old, have come forward to say they were s3xually assaulted by Winberry.

Investigators say Winberry was charged with four counts of s3xual assault because she allegedly assaulted one of the students on two occasions.

The students all claim one time in class she gave them all repeated Bl?w Jobs & let them take turns hitting it in different positions.

Before placing a call to the Child Abuse Hotline, school officials reportedly investigated the allegations and found evidence they say backed up the students’ claims. One major source of information the school used to report the alleged abuse came from chat messages found on at least one student’s phone.

Winberry, who has been married for 10 years and has 5-year-old twin boys, resigned from her position on Friday.

She was booked into jail and charged with four counts of first-degree s3xual assault. Her bond has been set at $15,000. Her arraignment hearing has been set for next month.

  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    Keeping students interested in school and not dropping out takes innovative solutions at times.

    • Josh

      lol they were 17 and 18

      • Doby Gillis

        Congrats on missing the point twatwaffle.

        • James Danial Fergusson

          lol I bet the real twat wafle is you

      • Desiree Hubbard Rounds

        Yep… That’s past the age of consent

    • Kara D. Johnson

      you would`nt be saying that if it was your hild or grandchild

      • James Hicks

        Really they are old enough to join the service.. they are not kids

        • Kara D. Johnson

          Those kids minds are not even fully developed,she took advantage of those kids feeble young minds. As I said if it were your child you would singing a different tune…

          • Desiree Hubbard Rounds

            That’s the problem anymore. 17 and 18 year old kids back in the 50s were allready married or engaged and working their asses off being men. But people want to baby kids so long even until their kids are teenagers. I have son and when he’s 17 or 18 what he dies with his personal life is his business just as long as I make sure to teach him safety and using protection and consent. Quit baying teenagers.

          • Kara D. Johnson

            Funny but NOT funny because if it was switched and it was male teacher and a female student it would have been called rape and if it was your daughter(hope it never happens if you do have girls) i`m sure someone would be trying to file charges but it seems funny and “let boys be boys” when it happens to a male. I`m not babying teenagers what she did was wrong point blank. She was a person that was trusted with peoples kids.What she is teaching those boys is have sex with as many boys or girls and its “fun” thats what you want your child/grandchildren to learn at school?

        • Desiree Hubbard Rounds

          Thank you

        • Kara D. Johnson

          But when they get a girl pregnant at that age people will be saying they are too young to be parents, if they are going to be sexually active that is something personal and private and not to be done in school and not with 3 and 4 people. It`s called respect for all parties. If those three had did that with another teenager in class instead of a adult someone would be screaming they took advantage of my baby,they gang raped her,etc. I guess it will be ok for the rest of the school staff to take part in this ignorance…

        • Kara D. Johnson

          would you have the same vibe if it was your daughter this happened too?

      • Desiree Hubbard Rounds

        If my son at 18 years old screws his teacher then so what. If a kids old enough to be emancipated he’s old enough to make his own decision.

    • Jerry Danielson

      lol yep

  • Rustyangel

    Son, let me see your report card…good you got a B, but what is J?

    • TRAND

      Job Dad, I got a Job. Are you proud of me?

  • Sammy D

    Thus mug shot isn’t even the right person. Ignorance at its finest

  • Mike_D_53

    I wonder how fast her husband leaves her whore ass.

    • ๒レㄩ∑ῳ◊и∂∑Я

      he’s probably so smitten by her and loves her so intensely that he’ll forgive her whoreish ass.

      • Don R Mallonee

        from the way you talk about women i bet your as gay as Richard Simmons or pee wee Herman

        • Robert

          I draw the line at Pee Wee. 🙂

        • ๒レㄩ∑ῳ◊и∂∑Я

          from the way you white knight bitches i bet you’d forgive any woman for fucking a whole slew of other guys just so you get to keep getting some from her yourself. it’s weak de balled men like you who give the rest of men a bad name.

  • Daniel Whitcomb

    thats fucking stupid 2 of the kids were 17 and 1 is 18 the 18 year old is legal age of consent and also goes for 17, and maybe they provoked her to do this or made her, did anybody ever think of that probly not cause your all dumb ass fuck. I dont think this teacher would of just went up to a student and startred sucking him off, the teacher is good looking in all and why would the students actually go see her anyways, they could of said no and walked away but they didnt, they knew exactly what they were doing and decided to stay there and do it.

    • thekranz

      I love how this guy says everyone is dumb as fuck yet has multiple syntax, punctuation, and grammatical errors in his post. That’s middle school shit.

      • Stan Dewberry

        lol relax douche bag

    • Jay Dee

      This idiot support child molesters! !! You piece of shit!

      • Daley Levine

        You dumb fuck! !!

      • Mitchel Davidson

        they r of legal age

      • Ézéchiel McCormack

        This idiot support retardation! !! You piece of dumb shit!

        That’s what you sound like.

    • Nathan Sinke

      I agreed they are just gonna fuck the person being accused over she probably didnt do it

    • arena

      Oh yeah, women are always inocent… How can a woman do something wrong?

      Trying to get brownie points? Mr. Mangina?

      Surely you would be enraged if the teacher were male and students female of the same age… Freaking cucks…

      Good looking? See the real pictures, not the ones with fake-up.

    • cedrics

      Depends on the state- not all states have kids being legal adults at 18, some are 19. In any case its an abuse of a position of power or authority so its a crime. Same reason you can’t fraternize in the workplace or military. Most places have rules against non-peers having sex in a working relationship.


    Question, is it illegal to use the word sexual, because seems to think that he has to use a “3” to replace the “E”. I think it is STUPID.


    Question, is it illegal to use the word sexual? Because the “Reporter” seems to think that replacing the “E” with a “3” is proper. WHAT AN IDIOT!!!!!

    • Ryan Sparks

      hes 1337

    • Trace Van de Kamp

      It is done so ad crawlers (robots that read sites) won’t stop their advertisements from displaying based on obscene content.

      • Jack

        I did not know that, and that actually makes sense. Thank you, it was bothering me.


    Maybe it was a Sex Education class and they were taking their final exam.17 & 18 are ages of consent.

  • Jenn Valentia

    What a slut bag😂

    • Ézéchiel McCormack

      Which part makes her a slut bag. Her being sexual with multiple guys, the three boys being her students, or because the random woman on the internet said so? Please. Enlighten me.

  • Gerard F Bushel

    where’s the “Like” Button, FACEBOOK ?

  • C M

    What a whore 😂

  • Petn

    “three male students, two 17-year-olds and one 18-year-old, have come forward to say they were s3xually assaulted”

    Give me a break!!! So two 17 year olds and an 18 year old guy were sexually assaulted??? She is totally hot!! These guys will be bragging about this the rest of their lives. Where were these teachers when I was in High School god dammit?!! This is every boy/guy’s dream! Messed up how they’ll be getting high fives and a good laugh while she gets tossed in the slammer. Something broken about this here system. Guess the prison guards will be banging her now.

    • Josh Mondle

      where were these teachers when I was in school lol

  • the guy

    what will she be willing to do for bail money???

    • Edward


    • Josh Mondle


  • Johnny darko

    “Since then, three male students, two 17-year-olds and one 18-year-old,
    have come forward to say they were s3xually assaulted by Winberry.”

    Coming forward to say they were sexually assaulted = “yeah I fucked her”

    • Jonathan Wint

      see the real picture, you would not be Proud.. I would beat my kid and scream what wear you thinking! http://kait.images.worldnow.com/images/24485912_BG2.jpg thats her that girl is not her..

      • Badreporting

        Great story and pic of an attractive girl that this totally didn’t happen to pathetic move by the writer of this article

        • Daff Pee

          That’s the same shit I said fake news

      • Chuck

        We haven’t seen her breast yet. That could be a plus along with a cute shitter.

        • Frank

          Even in her mug shot she tries to look cute, no doubt the officers jailing her would be wanting to hit that or wanting to get with her when she gets out of jail.

      • Joey Seibert

        Lol give him credit good idea! Click bait!

      • Chris Diaz

        Thats cause your queer bait💀

      • John Lyndon


      • Jbkorn02

        Still at 17 and 18 they were probably wanting to jump on anything. lol

        • Desiree Hubbard Rounds


    • Mari-jean Bowker

      So much teenage fantasy..so sad

    • James E Nelson

      Pretty much what they said id bet money on it

  • Joe Smith

    Sorry, missed the part about “abuse”???

    • Hassleff

      For real!

    • Desiree Hubbard Rounds

      Not abuse. Age of consent is usually 16

  • Jonathan Wint

    http://kait.images.worldnow.com/images/24485912_BG2.jpg thats her that girl in the article is not her..

  • Kevin

    where were these teachers when i was in school i promise i would have kept my big mouth shut!

    • Jeff Johnson

      That was my thought ha. Put her on home detention at my place. Whoop

    • David Horn

      Yeah, but you were home-schooled…

    • Desiree Hubbard Rounds

      No shit. Right? Where were the male teachers like this…lol

  • WeAreTheCure

    What happened? A couple of young guys had a moment of pure pleasure and will always remember their experience as one of great satisfaction. Oh how evil she is….she used her evil vagina and mouth to pleasure a couple of her students.

  • Dustin Thompson


  • Uncle B

    Crude Americans! French gentlemen never kiss and tell! Discretion part of valor! if a woman is in the mood and willing, what happens next is nobodies business. Asshole Americans – not the cloth the WWII soldiers were cut from at all. Shame on you dumb bastards may a woman never trust you again. Pricks. hop you catch an STD.

    • David Wells

      Yeah, you are correct. In WW2, we banged ALL your women. The entire current French generation is at least 1/4 american. You’re welcome.

      • Warren Davidson

        does that not make it 1/4 wordly? seeing as America is a country full of different nations anyway, since the way it started? 😉

      • UncleB

        ‘American’ is not a breed! “American is a melting pot mix of mostly European,Asian, Mexican, Indigenous and negroid blood! you must understand that Europe was previously over-run by many cults and breeds and the final result is a mongrel much as Americans are. You did not “bang” anyone! You were, in fact, ‘cannon fodder’ of the Uber Rich who had been coerced to leave loving women and families behind by Bullshit Propaganda! and found loving women in Europe. The truth is available on you Tube videos about WWII and who made the most money on this event. The biggest loser was humanity. The seeds of greater nations were lost in the slaughter, some of yours may have also been lost. Did that occur to you as you sat in a blue, drunken stupor wondering why you committed murders? Check out the truth. Ford Motor Company made huge amounts of cash, so did many American Banks, Swiss banks (German/European/Russian/South American money) VW, Bayer Chemical, and many others, even IBM (American) provided the “Counting Machines” for the concentration camps.

        • Nick Gaspard

          Yes all of those different people but not as much as the Acadian people “cajun for short” that were brought to the gulf Coast of Louisiana by Spanish ships from Nova Scotia. We probably have the most mixed culture in the USA. I myself am from 2 British grandfather’s 1 French & 1 Spanish grandmother’s. Some people from Mexico call ones like me “gavacho” because I have Spain blood mixed. There is also Creole people that are mixed the same but Change the Spanish to African blood. Mixed white, Indian & African blood.

        • Druce

          Bayer is a child company of the company that supplied the nazi’s

        • Michael Miller

          You’d be speaking German if not for our involvement so shut your cock hole … Froggy!

          • Mitchel Davidson

            kinda wrong Russia the great army of the north could of done it without America or us here in Canada the only reason was pearl harbour and just like 911 your gov knew it was coming 2 days before it happened

          • James E Sullivan

            I think that is an extremely questionable assertion

          • Maxime Samuel Dorion

            Can you babies give it a rest with the stupid uneducated chauvinistic comments? The French needed the Americans to win WWII, on the other hand, the Americans would have never won their independence against England if it weren’t for the help they got from the French. And try not to forget that your most treasured monument to liberty was delivered to you as a gift from France. So if you’re going to hate someone for dumbass reasons in the future, start by hating yourselves and your own ignorance.

          • James E Sullivan

            French navy blocked a British retreat by sea, but that was a long time ago

        • Mitchel Davidson

          love all in this statement except the negroid

        • Chance Grahl

          we as america are not considered a “melting pot” anymore. we are now known as a “tossed-salad” of cultures… look it up no pun intended

    • Anti-antifa

      Shut the HELL up surrender monkey.

    • John Lyndon

      you rock uncle b

    • Richy Champ

      Duck off you french birch

      • Richy Champ


    • Jeremy Clements

      You know I’m British and I reallly hope this offends you for what you just said mate. SURRENDER!

    • Ézéchiel McCormack

      That moment when the comment section devolves into French v.s American debates…….

  • Byron L. Beamon

    So, I wonder what does her husband think about the fact that his wife is a slut and fucked 3 high school boys? He got to be so proud lmbo!

    • Robert

      If I was her husband I would feel too humiliated. I would also be wondering if this is the tip of the iceberg.

  • Sean Goke

    Bad Teacher for real 😂

  • Badreporting
  • Badreporting


    Good job making the story more interesting by using a pic of a hot girl that has nothing to do with the story

    • Jack

      Yeah, that’s lawsuit material isn’t it?

  • Darryl Lee

    LMAO AT THE WORD ASSAULT. Funny guaranteed they didnt feel assaulted when they had their dicks in her warm pussy

    • arena

      I don’t fuck that hambeast even being paid. Not even when i was 16.

      Low standards…

  • Godot

    “Assaulted” yeah right.

  • Trillionschiffer

    Just her luck… She picked the three GAY dudes in her school. SMH.

    • Jermaine Phillip


    • Ali Greenaway


    • BasicB93

      Cuz men can’t be sexually assaulted right? We just want to fuck everything that moves, even the ugly pieces of shit, right? Women are little snowflakes and men are all sex driven brutes. Honestly, fucking kill yourself….

      • Chance Grahl

        calm down, internet warrior!

        • Steven

          For real, when it’s male students, I’m usually of the suspicion that it’s nothing more than statutory. By the article, it sounds like the one students messages got everyone caught. Not like she was ‘sexually assaulting’ them. I’m not approving of teacher-student relationships. I’m just saying these are always ‘blown’ way out of proportion.

          • Desiree Hubbard Rounds

            Exactly I’m sure it was all cool until someone’s overbearing and over protecting parent got involved. People need to quit babying their teens. 17 and 18 year old men back in the 50s were allready married or engaged and worked their asses off in jobs and were concerned allready men.

        • BasicB93

          Oh look, another person dancing around the point and making personal insults. I think we found a feminist.

          • Ézéchiel McCormack

            Actually you’re the only acting like a feminist….well, a meninist to be precise but the I.Q level is typically the same

        • Trillionschiffer

          Seriously, right. LOL

      • Chelsea Conte Hazard

        You are damned right

        • BasicB93


      • Cody Alexander Beck

        I agree with this guy lol im tired of all men being looked at like man whores by women when now days women are the same or worst they cry when they end up heart broken and make it look like all men are dicks but in reality they chose the wrong dude in the 1st place and when a good male comes along they wont even give them a chance lol

      • Bob Jamie Culver

        men can be assaulted

        • Trillionschiffer

          Yeah… by OTHER MEN. lolol

        • Trillionschiffer

          I know… but how is a ‘woman’ going to ‘take’ his goodies against his will???? Can you explain how u see that happening???

      • Trillionschiffer

        Men can be sexually assaulted by a women??? Really? How? She gonna ‘overpower you’ then smash her smelly crotch against your limp unwilling d**k, Till you give up and get hard??? Pfft HAHAHAHA… Please tell me how that works? I’m all ears.

        • BasicB93

          Thanks for being part of the problem bud.

          • Trillionschiffer

            Gr8 response… it really explained your views.


  • Philip Marks

    Perhaps she was teaching AP Biology.

  • William Sullivan

    Another retarded liberal posts an article.

  • dano2112a

    So, she gave them BJ and had sex with 17 and 18 year olds. Where was she 35 years ago?

    • Casino Slash


    • Desiree Hubbard Rounds

      Where were the 28 year old male teachers when I needed to satisfy my needs 7 and 18 year old angst… Lol

  • Courtney

    Disgusted. They have sex with her knowing damn well it was willingly and then they want to snitch and get her in deep trouble acting like there bitch asses were forced and scared.! SMH!!!!!

    • Joshua Herndon

      Probably to sue the school

      • Hassleff

        Yeah, that makes sense for sure. That’s it.

    • arena

      Oh and when a male teacher does the same, he is a criminal, isn’t it? Sure that you would wrote the same comment if genders would have been swapped.

      Check your double standards, are Trump’s Tower high.

  • Aly Paige

    How is it assault when the boys wanted and agreed to it? lol don’t get me wrong, it’s fucked up. But this happens all the time.

  • Amy Honeycutt

    Assault? Yea ok assault. Lmao

  • Stafford Miller-Crook

    I’d hit it with a bat numerous times.

  • will moody

    The 18 year old can go away, and I do believe the age of consent in AR is 16, I call BS

  • Eddison Thomas

    Those kids are retatded. You smash yo teacher and then go snitch on them? That teacher should get a award for best teacher of 2017 and those kids should be arrested for being dumbasses

  • James Langlois

    Aren’t you guilty until proven so… Could it maybe be possible these kids could be punking everyone…

  • Lewis Insight Rhymes

    THis is not correct photo of the accused, so please remove it!
    this is the accused mughsot, please emend your report!

  • madam victor


  • Chad Miller

    For some reason this seems super fake with the report coming from someone who puts 3’s into every sex word. Just doesnt seem official.

  • John

    Where were these teachers when I was in school? I would have kept my mouth shut

  • https://vimeo.com/davidgrahamscott David Graham Scott

    Snitching pricks. That’s hardly child abuse.

  • eramthgin

    She assaulted them give me a break. She could assault me every day.

  • Aaron Aj Bird

    I bet someone paid the $15000 just so they could see how kinky she really was lol

  • Hassleff

    Give me a freaking break!!!!! Sexually assaulted? These are 17 & 18 year old guys.

    “one time in class she gave them all repeated Bl😵w Jobs & let them take turns hitting it in different positions”

    This sounds like the best day of their lives! She is slammin’ hot. These guys were giving each other high fives and will be bragging about this for the rest of their lives. Only reason they could possibly be pressing charges is because she wouldn’t do it again.

    Crazy, my friends and I dreamed about having a teacher like that in High School. Lose her job, fine. But locking her up is ridiculous. You don’t lock someone up for being a whore. Btw… anyone have her number? 🙂

    • cedrics

      The picture on the article isn’t the teacher in question. Its click-bait.

  • Manny

    This article is faker than trump’s promises

  • Grant James

    That’s not the real pic, Lol as bad as this site wishes it was, it’s a fat chick.

  • Earl Wayne Cash

    Any pussy is good pussy ? Hell keep your trap shut and they could of kept getting good grades 😆

  • Gia Failla

    Why cant they spell S E X

  • Randy Pierce

    those teens need to be assaulted by some great big biker guy , thats where they headed anyway hell Id blackmailed and kept up the homework while cleanin out her fridge and trying to find out she had any sisters you know how many apples u can invest with no results jeeezzz!

  • Dana Turieo

    they kids are 18? child smh

  • Aldwayne Israel

    I should have joined an overseas school….. these teachers Dam! And they not ugly! Especially that one with the 15 year old boy.

  • maljhong

    I find any article that spells sex with a 3 hard to take at face value.

  • Kevin Mckenna

    Wow straight trash, this whore was married with kids.. what a shame

  • Chuck

    Oh come on, are these kids gay? They didn’t seem to mind at the time apparently. None of my HS friends would have said a word to anyone except their friends in a brag. Kids today are missing a big piece of a common thought process. They messed up in the head, in other words.

  • Earl Sword

    this was over a yr. ago,all ur comments are a yr. old

  • John Lyndon

    I don’t believe it…. she probably flunked them so their retaliating, in this day and age a simple allegation is all it takes. The age of Obama we are living in.

    • cedrics

      What’s Obama got to do with it?

      • John Lyndon

        This is the age of Obama… when right is wrong and wrong is right, or vice versa if you prefer.

  • Eric Lipe

    At lease Jeremy defiantly spoke in class that day

  • Thomas Boyd

    And to think I hated msth. Lmao

  • Alexander Diakonov

    i was studying in damn wrong school…(((((

  • Thomas Smith

    in 1982 i was 18 and able to drink legally. i was at a club and my student asst teacher was there. needless to say after a few drinks we did it in the parking lot. did i say anything to school or family hell no i was hot for teacher.

    • Ézéchiel McCormack


      High five.

  • Keith

    She is so beautiful it shouldn’t be a crime 😀

  • arena

    Male teacher does this -> He is a criminal
    Female teacher does this -> The students are lucky

    Morons with double standards writing here… Taught by snowflakes like this one.

  • Wesley Pikey

    why is this “News”. no one really gives a flying f*ck.

  • paul s

    When I was 17 I was sleeping with a 45 year old still one of the best experiences I’ve had no regrets man the feck up…

  • Cesar Vicente

    what kind of bullshit is this? Muricans people above 15 are not children anymore, what the fuck , that’s why you got donald, you are all damn retarded

  • http://www.irockhiphopmusic.com/ultimate-hip-hop-music-links.html Tony Chill Mitchell

    Damn…why I could get lucky…when I went to school. Teacher can’t even give out some head…without mf’s snitching. It’s a wrap!!

  • Teejay Doyle

    You know that’s NOT the teacher who’s in the picture, right?
    Who’s the moron that posted the wrong pic?

  • The Batman

    Sounds like the students were fags. Why snitch on that?

  • Mark Hawkins

    I had a english teacher who would flash the “ol beaver” now and again. It never entered my head to run and tell on her. Geesh!

  • Adriana Katarina Trevino

    So fake I can’t even continue reading these trash articles lol Cracking me up! I mean really?! S3x?! What the shit dude.

  • Bobby Rivers

    This is bullshit child abuse my ass these grown ass kids today oh im sure their suffering from ptsd post teacher sexual denial. And she was just a nympho maybe she chose the wrong career field maybe she should’ve chose porn. This shit seems normal behavior today because you see so much of this (rape) going on by female teachers i guess because these so called children are so manipulable with their 17 looking 27 year old asses rape my ass. Please stop acting like these boys didn’t want it.

  • Sarah Becker

    *eats popcorn whilst reading comments*

  • Eddie Evans

    They didn’t have good teachers like that when I went to school.

  • Matthew

    Who the fuck wrote this article? A twelve year old????

  • Jack

    Who decided to write sex as “s3x”? Why?

  • Tom Hall

    At 16 they are legal to consent in the court of law so damn i want to go back to school for extra credits like this in class.

  • Sheila Rodden

    How do I take seriously a “writer” who uses reverse threes to spell s3x? It’s like a 14-year-old wrote this.

  • Jon … a Baptist

    I’m a realist and I find it profoundly hard to believe any teen boy would turn her in. More than likely their bragging was overheard.

  • Dusty Dezern

    Where were teachers like this when I was in school damn it

  • James Danial Fergusson

    Sorry to say, but if this was real, I been there. I was younger than that, I loved every minut of it, I still don’t feel like I was abused. and honestly she taught me half the skills I now have when I was young enough to practice, master, and personalize said skills.

    mmmm that strawberry tacco

  • Adam Marvel

    If your a guy and 18 or 17 you could of got away from that little ass girl but you stayed you wanted to give her the D so if you trying to hit the teacher why the fuck you tell on her clown there were 3 of you if you didn’t want it walk away but you didn’t so you chose to do it so she shouldn’t be in jail loosing her teacher license yes but jail no they were old enough and wanted it she was just the freak to give it up

  • Desiree Hubbard Rounds

    Are you serious. It was probably most likely consensual among the boys but one of the parents probably found out and freaked and then made a big deal if it. Yeah fucking right sexual assault my ass. 3 teen boys full of hormones and sexual urges were raped by a hit teacher? No way. I don’t believe this was rape and I think the boys most likely enjoyed it that’s why it kept happening. It wasn’t an isolated incident. It was a recurring event. Fucking stoopid. These guys are pretty much allready men.

  • CrozzStorm

    who ever wrote this article needs to find a new job xD s3x? really? and using some random pic they found via google? ok

  • Blair Tavish

    again… who the fuk is the victim here?


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