Teacher Punches 5 Year Old Girl, Gets Suspended

Memphis Police Department is conducting a thorough investigation at Sheffield Elementary School in Memphis, TN after it was reported that a teacher punched a five year old student in the face. The school refused to state the name of the teacher who has been suspended from working but has not been arrested pending the investigation.

Payden McConnell’s mother noticed that her daughter’s eye was a little puffy when she came home in the afternoon from school but didn’t really question it. She did however have some questions when her daughter woke up with a black eye the next morning. She said that she was absolutely devastated when Payden told her that the teacher had pushed her onto the ground and then punched her in the face.

Payden had just been transferred to the new school and was having a really hard time with it. She had been crying and panicking because she wanted to be back at home with her mother. According to her, she told the teacher that she had to use the bathroom and that is when the incident happened. The principal confirmed with Payden’s mother that another student had witnessed everything.

Ms. McConnell has pulled Payden from the school system and is teaching her at home after this incident. The Shelby County School District has stated that they are taking this matter very seriously and will be conducting a thorough investigation.

When you send your child to school you believe that you are sending them to a safe place. Incidents like this are a reminder that even the places that we think are safe may not be. This is one of the reasons that many people home-school their children. Research should be done beforehand when sending your child to be under the care of another person although this can be a challenge at times.

Since the little girl had a black eye and there was a witness you would think that the teacher would have been arrested and yet she wasn’t. A woman was arrested a short time ago for letting her seven year old son walk to the park but an adult who punches a young girl is free.

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