Things That Were Cool In 2006, But Definitely Aren’t In 2016

While most of us are still learning to stop writing that five at the end of the year, it is undoubtedly 2016. While it is too soon to tell what kind of fads this year will be known for, it’s hilarious to look back ten years and see what was cool then but it is certainly not now. Believe it or not but ten years ago was 2006, which I think makes everyone feel a little old. However, looking back to what was cool then certainly solidifies that it was a decade of mistakes ago.

Let’s start with the look, nothing said hip in 2006 like zebra stripes dyed into your hair and using a whole bottle of fake tan in one go. The results of this combo seem absolutely disastrous now but in 2006 this was the look to have.

If the zebra look wasn’t your thing, you probably at least with one outfit dabbled in one of the labels that became the norm. Whether you identified as emo, chav, skater, or goth, looking back now it is pretty embarrassing. It’s now that we look back at our school photo and wonder why we thought wearing one of your father’s ties would be so edgy.

Social media was certainly not what it is today, with Facebook starting to take over the younger generation and Myspace still fighting for a chance. Whatever platform was your thing, we all had the same pre-selfie picture. Taken by the glamorous lens of a webcam, with a tilted head, the finger peace sign, and eyes darting away like this picture was not even planned, this was the ultimate profile picture.

Did you fall victim to any of these fads? Let us know in the comments below and SHARE to see if you have any friends on Facebook that remember these trends. Click ‘NEXT PAGE’ for more things that were cool in 2006 that we now regret.

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