Things That Were Cool In 2006, But Definitely Aren’t In 2016

With fashion trends changing so rapidly, it is hard to keep up and if you didn’t in 2006 you are one of the lucky ones. Were ankles all the rage? You might think so if you saw all of the people rocking three-quarter length pants. What complimented that great fashion choice? If it wasn’t Heelys, there’s a good chance you were wearing Crocs (don’t like you didn’t just wear them at the cottage).

As for entertainment, if you were not reading or at least pretending to be reading the Da Vinci Code in time for the movie, there’s a good chance you might have played with the combination of Mentos and Diet Coke. 2006 was a weird one, sure, but at least we had fun, right?
In a time where it seemed like any disease or world issue could be solved with a rubber wristband and furniture was preferred to be inflatable, 2006 is hard not to laugh at ten years later. It can only make you wonder what cool thing of the now will be the source of your laughter in another decade.
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