Trump Demonstrates How to Properly Tie a Noose at Campaign Rally


“A little history lesson never hurt nobody”

Said Trump to a room full of most likely brain dead followers of his campaign.

During a campaign rally Trump demonstrated how to properly tie a noose around a man’s neck until they suffocate to death as a form of self defense.

“I’ll carry my rope until these liberals wake up and let a person simply shoot who needs to be shot” – Trump


By the end of the Rally Trump had over 20,000 orders on his newly launched website backed by the KKK and that racist white woman that like baking black people food.

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  • Anna Merriweather

    It is so sad, that police, have not been trained to take down a suspect without using deadly force. My prayers go out to his family. Can’t imagine how they must feel. Let’s get officers trained better.


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